Client Testimonials

Represented Buyer:

Nisha was instrumental in helping us find our dream home in Los Altos! She is thorough, very calm, composed, available at a short notice, reachable all the time, very knowledgeable in her area with a huge reliable network of handyman, plumbers, gardeners what ever your need maybe. It was a huge plus that she was very friendly, respectful, reasonable & genuinely super nice person willing to go an extra mile just to help her clients out! She was very insightful with her advice navigating the bidding wars & once we got the house, she was awesome at enabling us in every possible way. By the end of the process she was extended family and after 2 long Covid years we continue to be in touch. She is my go to person for any house related advice & more. 
Represented Buyer's and Seller's:
Nisha represented us in both the buying and selling process in the Bay Area. We were extremely satisfied with her professionalism and overall financial outcomes. Nisha is a strong communicator and replies promptly to questions. Her deep knowledge of real estate helped guide us as first time home buyers and sellers. She knew what it took to showcase our home in the selling process and was very thoughtful and transparent during our buying process. We would highly recommend Nisha. 
⁃ The Stalev Family
Represented Sellers:

“Words can’t describe how helpful, thoughtful and thorough Nisha is as a realtor and a human being. Nisha helped us buy our first house 7-8 years back and now helped us sell it. Nisha was super organized and managed the entire process (from getting the house ready to staging and even helping us move out) really efficiently without much involvement from us. She made sure all and any fixes/updates that were necessary were done on time leveraging her vast network. As good as she is at doing her job, she is an even better person. I continue to recommend Nisha to friends, family, and acquaintances and look forward to connecting with her soon!”
Represented Buyer's and Seller's:

Wanted to say Thank You for all your support in leading Jackie and I to find our new home in the neighborhood we adore! We truly believe it was through your efforts that led to the opportunity for us to purchasing this property. Your due diligence in following potential leads, and finding potential properties gave us the confidence we wanted in our corner. This was now our 2nd home working together, and we are so happy we did! Your property assessments and thoughtful ability to establish relationships with the other parties gave us the feedback and insights that we needed in order to make sound decisions for our family. Thanks again for all that you do, and we'll be referring you to all our friends!
Ryan and Jackie
Represented Buyer's:

We have been working with Nisha since 2019 and we are so glad to have partnered with her as we purchased our home earlier this year. Nisha is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Bay Area and its intricacies. We would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to pursue a real estate transaction.
When we used to visit homes, Nisha would be able to point out very specific / nuanced things about the home as well as the area in which it was located. As first time homebuyers, we really appreciated that given we did not have the relevant experience to be able to notice some of the issues in homes.
Over the course of the home purchase process, we developed strong trust and a great relationship that gave us a great deal of confidence that we were making the right decision. 
Even after we completed the purchase, Nisha has continued to stay in close contact with us and has helped us out in various ways whether it is sharing contacts of local professionals or sharing her own experience as a homeowner. 
We have only great things to say about Nisha. We would strongly recommend her to anyone.
A & V
Represented Buyer and Seller:

It has been nearly 2 weeks since we closed escrow and during that time, I've had the opportunity to reflect on how phenomenal of an experience it has been working with both of you -- on both selling my home and purchasing my new home. Neither transaction would have been possible without both of you. Trust me, I'm not ending things here. I GREATLY VALUE the relationships I've built with each of you and genuinely hope we continue to stay in touch and further build our friendships in the many months ahead.
Represented Buyer's:

Nisha is the agent to work with if you’re looking for a house in the Bay Area. She helped us buy our dream home in Cupertino, which was literally everything we wanted. Our search ranged from Fremont to Los Altos and looked for a good combination of neighborhood, schools, commute, home size, etc. Even though our search lasted for over a year and she had many weekends of house tours with kids in the car, she was amazing. She helped through the process during COVID restrictions. 
Nisha had attention to detail throughout the house tour. She would share the pros and cons as well as educated us about minor things to look at and was very open and transparent. She would always know, even before visiting a house, if we would like it or not. When we walked into the house we ended up buying, Nisha's face was lit up, and she said, you are going to love this house, and she was absolutely right. 
Even after we closed the house, she came to check if everything was ok, answered several questions, got us quotes for help, shared recommendations for movers and other essential services that we needed. 
Thank you so much, Nisha. I hope we work together again in the future. 
- Sneha
Represented Buyer's:

“We absolutely loved working with Nisha who helped us buy our first home. Nisha is a very calm and empathetic person who guided us along the way which made this process very simple. She always provided her unbiased assessment with an eye towards resale which we really valued being first time home buyers. She was quite prompt in setting up appointments for us especially during the pandemic when open houses were limited. Being a part of the top agent network, she was able to show us houses even before they were listed.
Nisha reviewed the disclosures thoroughly and clearly pointed out potential red flags and desirable features in a house. She also guided us with comps and helped us with her valuable experience to come up with an optimal price when we decided to put offers. Even after we purchased and moved into our new home, Nisha checked in to see how we are doing. Upon hearing we are having some minor issues, she promptly sent someone to fix it on the same day. 
Nisha always goes above and beyond and is very professional. We really enjoyed working with Nisha and would definitely like to work with her again when we decide to sell our current house or buy a new one.”
Suchi and Nihar.
Represented Buyer's:
Nisha helped us with the purchase of a perfect home that met our requirements. Nisha is an ultimate professional, knowledgeable of real estate process and market conditions. She is a very good listener, has keen sense of awareness when reviewing properties and guides buyers/sellers through the significant decision making process. We would recommend Nisha in a heartbeat.
Kirti and Ron
Represented Seller's
More than thirteen years ago Nisha spent months scouting properties for us, and showed us many many houses until she found us our perfect home. Of course, when it came time for us to sell our home we had to have Nisha bring all of her experience, so that everything was so easy, from inspections, to staging, to providing invaluable advice on which offers to accept. She has an amazing network of contractors to provide all the necessary services to prepare the house for sale. Her diligence enabled us to have multiple offers within a week of putting the house on the market. Selling our house through her was a pleasure. We are delighted to recommend Nisha as a real estate agent in the bay area to both home buyers and sellers.
Jeff and Page
Represented Seller:

I used Nisha as my agent when I recently sold my house in Fremont, CA and she was exceptional. From helping with contractors to get house painted , windows cleaned or staging. And all the contractors that she recommended were also very professional and did a outstanding job. Her knowledge of real estate market is so invaluable that she guides you every step of the way.
I will be definitely be utilizing her service, when I purchase my new home. If you are looking for a exceptional agent please call Nisha.
Represented Buyer's:

"It is my immense pleasure to recommend Nisha to any family/individual looking for a new house. Nisha guided us through every single step while we were looking to buy a house. She not only was unbelievably good and thorough as a real estate agent but is also highly personable with an engaging personality. There is almost nothing which escapes her attention when it comes to property buying in the bay area. She is very reachable and responds to texts and emails almost immediately. She was honest and upfront about various details during the process. She not only made the whole buying process very smooth but also played a very important part in helping us settle in our new house. Her recommended team of handyman/repair people were amongst the best crew I have worked with. Nisha helped coordinate and manage almost all the things from the buying process to settling in and taking care of repairs. It was a pleasure working with Nisha and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell a property in the area."
Ritika and Praveen
Represented Buyers:

It was an absolute pleasure working with Nisha on the purchase of both our first condo and later our family home. When we outgrew our condo, we called Nisha. With all of our criteria, finding our family home was no small task. Nisha took the challenge in stride and got us into a beautiful home in the perfect neighborhood. Nisha has become like family to us! She was instrumental in crafting our winning bids in this extremely competitive market. She is highly professional, has in-depth knowledge of the market, and is on top of every detail every step of the way. She is well-known in the area and has an impeccable network, all of whom cannot run out of wonderful things to say about her. We highly recommend her and have referred her to our friends!
Sia and Pascal
Represented Buyer:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work. You have continued to go above and beyond to find our family the perfect home. We are grateful for all that you have done for us throughout the process.
Represented Buyers:

What most first-time buyers don't realize is that your agent can make or break your purchase.
Your concerns are her concerns, and she works incredibly hard and has a lot of experience to make things go smoothly and the way that you want. Emails and phone calls are answered very quickly and thoroughly - you will never be left wondering what is happening.
More importantly, she has incredible patience. She took A LOT of time explaining the process and listening to our concerns to help find solutions or calm our nerves.
In addition, Nisha was honest, real and super picky. She would stear us away from properties she didn't think were up to snuff and would point out flaws and risks we didn't even see. All in all, Nisha has a lot of integrity, and was always responsive and diligent. 
We purchased a wonderful house in the Peninsula and couldn't be happier.
Jessica Leaderman
Represented Buyers:

As new home buyers, we were excited but had very little knowledge when we met Nisha. Nisha patiently guided us through the home buying process. She helped us identify the key points we should look for in our based upon our requirements. Also, she made the home buying process very smooth for us. Not only that, she even guided us through the process of setting up our home after we purchased it. She sent us gentle reminders of things that needed to be done and helped us in taking care of those tasks. It was pleasure working with her. As we cruised through the home buying process, Nisha graduated from being our realtor to our friend and as they say: "friends are the family we choose." Thank you Nisha for being a part of our family!
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is a consummate realtor. We accidentally ran into her at an open house and took the plunge to enter the red-hot Silicon Valley market having been on the fence for some time. Of course, we had our fears while committing on the biggest financial decision of our lives. Those were eased by her candor while never being pushy. More importantly she’s extremely responsive with clear answers. Her list of contacts is extensive, a real boon to time-challenged house-hunters. Each offer is a roller coaster and it took us few offers before we ultimately landed on the destined one. In each situation, Nisha was prompt, patient and tirelessly followed up with all parties, critically securing a favorable outcome on the home we got. Later we were more than happy to use her services for selling our existing home – getting us top dollar.
All the reviews are true and describe her accurately. Nisha is top-notch, she goes above and beyond, connect with her for your real estate needs.
Pravin and Amisha
Represented Buyers:

Nisha is the best real estate agent in Silicon Valley. If you're looking to buy a house in the bay area, you're probably aware of how challenging and unique the housing market is here. You need patience, a good network, quick action and lots of sound advise. Nisha gives all of that and more! She understood our needs and always gave us good advise on what to look for when we saw houses. We knew she always had our best interests in mind.
After 2 years of looking for a house, Nisha helped us find a beautiful home that we know we can live in for years to come. It was an off-market house through her agent network that she acted upon VERY quickly. Saying that Nisha is prompt and proactive is an understatement. She replies to emails, texts and calls within minutes and that's what it takes in this crazy market. 
What amazes us is that she's not only helped with buying a home, but also helping with the post-buying work. She has handymen for changing locks, repair work, gardening etc. She's also been getting quotes for window treatments and going to the house (while we couldn't) for measurements. I dont know if every agent does this but Nisha does and that's just so helpful. 
Nisha isn't just an agent, she's become a dear friend. We are so lucky to have worked with her. Don't think twice, contact Nisha to buy/sell your next home.
If I could give more than five stars, I would, because Nisha Sharma is truly a phenomenal real estate agent.
Neha and Rahul
Represented Sellers:

Look no further! You have found the perfect Realtor ! Nisha went above and beyond in every aspect of our recent house sale . She kept us calm during what could have been a stressful time in our lives by working so efficiently and with a level of competence rarely found in one person. I could not recommend her more highly , she should have ten stars, not five!
Represented Sellers:

Nisha has been a totally amazing partner during the entire process of selling our home. From day one, she has been a strong advocate for us and helped us to navigate the complex but fast-moving real estate process. She has a fabulous array of relationships with professional service providers who deliver high quality and responsive services, including home inspection, staging, cleaning, handyman repairs, painting, moving, title and closing - they together enabled us to get from start to finish in a matter of a few weeks. We highly recommend Nisha! Thanks!!
Represented Buyers:

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Nisha to find our first home in Mountain View. She was very helpful during our relocation process from Europe and to find the right place for our family.Nisha is very knowledgeable about the housing market and everything you need to start at a new place in a new country. She is also very well connected and helped with the necessary connections to banks and insurances etc. Nisha was always getting back quickly and kept us informed in an very effective manner. She worked like a friend would work with you. We highly recommend her if you relocate and look for a new home.
Represented Buyers:

I want to invite Nisha for our next Thanksgiving dinner! I couldn’t have been more thankful for all her help. She guided us in every step of the way: from reading the disclosure papers to calling the utilities. Nisha is fast answering emails; in a matter of minutes you will have all your questions answered (she helped me even with the silly ones). It feels like Nisha is doing everything for her own family because she is so caring. You are going to feel you have not only an ally, but a good friend. Nisha, thank you so much for everything! We love you!
Camilla, Breno and Nicolas
Represented Buyers:

If you're looking for an agent to buy or list your home in the bay area, contact Nisha. She's been our agent through the crazy bay area house buying experience and we are so happy to be working with her. Nisha is very patient (which is critical in this area). Its taken us 2+ years to find a home and she's never forced us into anything. She understands our needs and rightly points out the pluses and minuses of a house. She's not just an agent but also a friend. She has a good network of agents as well as contractors to help with house jobs once you buy the house. You basically get the full package with Nisha. I’m sure there are many good agents out there but we wouldn't work with anyone else.
Represented Buyers:

We were very lucky to have Nisha as a resource to help us through out our home purchase cycle. She is extremely resourceful, super dedicated to her work and the people that she supports and was highly responsive to anything we needed. The best thing about Nisha is that she does this with whole hearted sincerity and makes recommendations that is solely in the best interests of her clients. She is not only involved at the beginning of a home sale cycle where she does very detailed research for the client, listens closely to what the client needs and effectively helps in the closing but she's ALSO involved AFTER the sale of the home. My husband and I relied so much on Nisha and her immense network of contacts to help us get through the first few weeks as home owners with two small kids in tow. I would absolutely agree that she is THE best agent that I have worked with and my family would highly recommend her to anyone.
Arosha & Sunny
Represented Buyers:

It was an absolute pleasure working with Nisha on the purchase of our first home. She was instrumental in crafting our winning bid in an extremely competitive market. She is highly professional, has in-depth knowledge of the market, and is on top of every detail. We highly recommend her and have already referred her to our friends!
Pascal and Sia
Represented Sellers:

We chose Nisha to represent us in the recent sale of our home. It was a particularly emotional decision for me to sell and all I can say is Nisha was above and beyond anything I had expected during the whole process. She goes the "extra mile" at all stages and we felt in very good hands throughout each stage, be it preparing, deciding, reviewing offers and so on. In addition to looking out for us, Nisha has a wonderful manner and way with buyers and their agents. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the schools. She promoted our home and area so well and we are happy our home is going to a lovely new family with young children who will hopefully enjoy it as much as we did.
Superb job Nisha, Thank you!
Triona and Paul
Represented Buyers:

I strongly recommend anyone looking to buy property in Silicon Valley to work with Nisha. I have no idea how she manages to make me feel like I am the only priority for her through almost 8 months of house hunting. She is always available and responds immediately no matter the time. She's been with me through the entire process at each step and feels more like a personal friend than just my agent! Her caring, patient attitude has prevented many a panic attack while I navigated being a first time buyer. Thank you Nisha for making this so much easier
Represented Buyers:

We always dreamt of owning a nice big house in the valley, that we can call home one day - well, we finally have one! A big thank you to Nisha for making this happen! We have worked with several agents in the past but Nisha is hands down one of the best real estate agents that we came across! She is a very diligent person and was always available to talk to us, meet with us and coach us to make the right decision. I remember that when we were making an offer on this house, she was visiting her family in UK but she never made us feel that she was in another continent altogether :) - she was super responsive and helped us put together a good offer, with the help of her local team here! Even after the offer acceptance, she helped us close it, sign the papers, introduced us to a the loan agents and the contractors, and was always ready to meet us at the property even during late evenings. We had a very positive experience working with Nisha and would recommend her to our friends and family in a hearbeat.
Ateet Anu & Tanisha
Represented Seller:

My husband and I recently sold our house in Redwood Shores. Due to Nisha’s expertise, our house sold in less than a week with more than 7 offers above the asking price! She really understands real estate market dynamics and will put together a personalized strategy to ensure her clients’ satisfaction. On top of that, Nisha is such a pleasure to work with. She is sweet, caring, compassionate, and will go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor who goes above and beyond and provides personalized and expert service.
Shivan and Charith
Represented Buyer:
Nisha was great to work with, not only did she want to help me find the best deal, but she truly cared about finding something that would work for me. As a first time home buyer, she walked me through each step in the process and made sure I was comfortable with what I was agreeing to. She didn’t push me into anything just to make commission.
I will definitely be using Nisha when I am buying or selling any property in the future.
Represented Seller:

Nisha is an awesome, hardworking, enthusiastic and a dedicated realtor. It did not matter what time of the day, Nisha responded to phone calls, text messages and emails promptly without any delay. With her exceptional skills she was able to sell our house way over the listed price with multiple offers within a few days in the market. This amazing lady is kind, passionate and went out of her way to see that we are happy with the decisions made in the process. Selling our home in San Jose was a pleasant experience for both me and my husband with Nisha’s guidance and help. We recommend Nisha to anyone who is looking for a wonderful real estate agent in the bay area; she is an incredible agent.
Ramani P
Represented Buyer:

market. She gave us useful tips and insights about the house on every tour we went with her. She guided us through the entire process with clear instruction, detail, and best of all, always placing our best interests first. She was available every step of the way and helped us with the smallest details such as recommending a handyman and electricians for repairs and updates. Truly enjoyed working with her and will her the use her the next time we look to buy or sell a house. We highly recommend her."
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is an incredible realtor and we highly recommend her to everyone. After working unsuccessfully with two other agents in the Bay Area for more than a year and getting outbid time and time again, we switched to Nisha and she got us a great house within a week!
Nisha is very knowledgeable about the local market and real estate in general. She helped us decipher home inspection reports and offered comps to determine homes' market values. She would even call the listing agents of pending properties to find out what they sold for. We were fairly familiar with the market and what we wanted, but Nisha pointed out pros and cons of each property (with an eye on resale value), some of which we hadn't thought of. But she wanted us to be happy and, unlike other realtors, never pushed us to consider homes we weren't totally happy with or refused to submit offers on homes we liked because she personally didn't like them or because she thought they would sell for more.
When it came time to submit offers, we chose to focus on multiple properties and only submit offers to homes where we felt we had a chance and the likelihood of a bidding war was lower. We asked Nisha to keep us updated on the level of interest for each house. She managed it all with aplomb, speaking daily with different realtors and letting us know the number of downloaded disclosures and confirmed offers. Nisha is well-known and respected by other local agents and many of them wanted to work with us. Ultimately, it was probably Nisha's good working relationship with the listing agent that allowed us to win our bid. Most importantly, Nisha never pressured us to offer more than we were completely comfortable with. In this sellers' market, we've seen many homes sell for way over their fair market value, but we were able to get our house for a reasonable price, without having to pay 20% over asking.
Even after we were in escrow and after closing, Nisha was with us every step of the way. She helped arrange for contractors and different tradespeople and even met them when we weren't available. She purchased a home warranty policy for us and periodically checks in to see if we need anything.
In closing (pun intended), Nisha is a capable, kind, and ethical realtor who would be an invaluable partner to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Bay Area.
Rachel and Gokce
Represented Seller:

This is the third time we have used Nisha for buying and selling property, so it goes without saying that we are "Extremely Satisfied" with her services. This time we were on a tight schedule to sell and Nisha went above and beyond to ensure our deadline was met. With Nisha's guidance and knowledge of the market, the whole process went very smoothly from start to finish. We are always impressed with your professionalism...THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you did to make our selling experience stress free.
Sally & Nyles Nettleton
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is the perfect agent one could hope for. She combines expert market understanding with a warm and supportive style, which really stands out among the agents we consulted before deciding to work with her. Nisha is very accommodating to our needs and never pushed us to do things her way. She is always unbelievably fast in responding to emails and texts. Whenever we are unsure about someone or something, Nisha can usually provide convincing personal insights that helped us make confident decisions. We used her recommended loan agent who turned out to be a rockstar, and followed her suggestions to strengthen our offer terms and letter, which successfully closed the deal in one go. Nisha proactively managed every detail of the buying process as well as the following renovation project for us without prompt. She did a lot of legwork to get estimates and discounts from various contractors to save us time and money. We are very grateful and a bit spoiled having Nisha as our partner and guardian in this challenging market.
Xingyao and Ying
Represented Buyer:

Buying a house in Bay Area has never been more stressful and daunting. With a red hot housing market, sky is the limit on housing prices. That’s why we were quite nervous when we started house hunting earlier this year. Thanks to our agent, Nisha, our house buying experience turned out to be contrary to our expectation. Her professionalism represented us well before sellers and their agents,which definitely helped us in the bidding process. With her extensive realty experience and market insight, she helped us put together an offer that stood out and won the bidding war, without us making the highest offer price. Even after acceptance of our offer, she thoroughly followed up on all required documents and inspection to ensure a smooth and on-time closing. Best of all, she always responds promptly to our questions and requests. She is the best realtor we have worked with.
Hing Yan and Chui-kiu
Represented Buyer:

As new home buyers, we were excited but had very little knowledge when we met Nisha. Nisha patiently guided us through the home buying process. She helped us identify the key points we should look for in our based upon our requirements. Also, she made the home buying process very smooth for us. Not only that, she even guided us through the process of setting up our home after we purchased it. She sent us gentle reminders of things that needed to be done and helped us in taking care of those tasks. It was pleasure working with her. As we cruised through the home buying process, Nisha graduated from being our realtor to our friend and as they say -" friends are the family we choose". Thank you Nisha for being a part of our family!"
Represented Buyer/Seller:

Nisha represented us for both selling our home in Cupertino and buying our new home in San Jose. She is an exemplary realtor. Her incredible network of other realtors, finance companies and all kinds of contractors were extremely useful. Her professionalism and attention to every detail were second to none. What especially sets her apart is her deep knowledge of all the nuances of what is now a highly multi-cultural Bay Area property market. She was a pleasure to work with at every stage and I highly recommend her without reservation.
Thanks again,
Represented Sellers:

Nisha was referred to me by a business colleague as my decision to sell my condo was sudden and I am not one to delay once I have made a decision. Nisha responded to my colleague's introduction to me within a few minutes and after a few email exchanges we had set-up a meeting that weekend to discuss a proposed strategy. In my profession, I rely heavily on data to make informed decisions so it was paramount to me to work with a realtor who is a subject matter expert, expeditious, and would provide excellent customer service. Nisha excels in all those attributes plus has an extremely pleasant demeanor which made the selling experience seem more like I was having a friend help me sell my property versus someone I had hired. During the process it was evident that the Buyer's realtor was not as proactive as Nisha however, Nisha skillfully and professionally moved the process forward through her persistence and guidance. She took care of every aspect of the sale process, kept me informed throughout, utilizes more modern processing (e.g., electronic documentation for the multiple signatures required), and respected the fact that I am a reasonably intelligent person that did not want to waste time with unproductive dialogues. Since I was not going to repurchase property, I was in need of a rental. Nisha found me a townhouse to rent while she was handling the sale of my property so I was able to move in prior to close of escrow. She has checked in on me several times to make sure I am comfortable with my new surroundings which reflects her genuine concern for her clients. In summary, Nisha is an outstanding realtor who treats people with dignity and respect and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled real estate professional. I am fortunate to have had her as my realtor. If I was planning to purchase property in the Bay Area, I would hire her again.
Ms. Pinon
Represented Seller:

Nisha Sharma has enriched the Regnart, Kennedy and Monta Vista school communities for many years. Her energy, people skills and business savvy were evident in the wide range of programs she lead and supported, including serving as PTA President, fundraising activities, art docents, physical fitness initiatives and more. With her keen sensitivity to people's needs and her ability to translate ideas into action, Nisha became the "go-to" person for many school initiatives. Her business experience spans two continents and her unique background provides her with an ability to understand the mix of people, issues and demands that reflect the wonderful diversity of the Bay Area. Nisha is hardworking, smart and doesn't give up--she somehow always seems to know intuitively how to do something and do it right. This impressive combination of achievements, community service, people skills, good business sense and long-time knowledge of the area and its people put Nisha in an enviable position of knowing how to serve the real estate needs of this community.
Sara Arzeno
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped us find the perfect house for our family to bloom. She listen carefully to all our request, she offer her professional advise and took us on her wings to make the best deal. Her work didn't finish after the deal was done she continues helping us all through the steps on being a new home owner. 
She is knowledgable, kind, honest, great listener and will go the extra mile to make the entire process as smooth as possible. She is simply the best.
Lilianna P.
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is an excellent resource, she knows how to push when needed, and is always there when you need her. Her knowledge of the area is excellent. We are fortunate to have found her…Treated us like a good friend from day one. Knows the area very well and looks out for you. Even after everything is done she will check to make sure things are going well. Absolutely first rate. You will never have to wonder if your interest is being placed first. I would not choose another agent.
Steve Silverman
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped us find a home when we relocated to the area about a year ago. I can not say enough to express our gratitude and fondness towards Nisha. Our relocation package included a set number of hours with Nisha to help us find a home to rent. We were anxious to find something, as we did not want our children to be out of school any longer than necessary. Nisha worked above and beyond a) what was covered by our relocation package and b) our highest expectations. Nisha was in constant communication with us and worked diligently to find us a home we were happy with. She was also a fantastic person to have on our side when negotiating. We came close to choosing a home, and Nisha negotiated hard for us (professionally, but hard.) She is easy to work with, very helpful, and has an abundance of knowledge about the market, negotiating, relevant financial information, school districts, etc...anything and everything you need in an agent, you will find in Nisha.
Alison Gray
Represented Buyer:

As a lender I have worked with Nisha on over 8 purchase transactions during the last two years. I have first hand knowledge on her ability to perform and deliver on her clients wishes, on every transaction, Nisha has always been prepared and quarterbacks the transaction from start to finish. She is highly available and communicates very effectively. She truly gives her clients 100%.
Scott Chase, Partner, Absolute Mortgage Banking
Represented Seller and Buyer:

We have known Nisha for almost 15 years and find her to be a very kind and caring person. She has a very friendly and sweet demeanor that immediately puts clients at ease. Nisha cares about her clients as individuals and always goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. Our experience with her was so positive that we would definitely recommend her to others. We will be sure to choose Nisha as our agent when we buy our next house.
Janak & Haresh Ruparel
Represented Buyer:

We are very appreciative and 100% satisfied customers of your service. Everyone appreciates the house and we are really thankful to you for helping us to buy this house.
Hemadri & Suja
Represented Buyer:

Nisha was pivotal in my family finding our dream home. One key to her success is that her team has well-established connections with other Bay Area realtors and have strong negotiating skills. She listens carefully to the client's requirements. From always having a list of homes with the criteria we specified to being available to show them to us, Nisha made our search easy. After our finding a house, she kept us constantly updated on the next step in the buying process and made us feel comfortable even as first time buyers. Her professionalism and experience were greatly appreciated. We highly recommend Nisha and look forward to using her in the future.
Jeffrey R. Gilmour, Ph.D. & Page S. Gilmour, Ph.D.
Represented Buyer:

Buying a house can be a very daunting and intimidating task – especially when you don’t have much experience or prior knowledge. Lucky for us, we had Nisha Sharma guiding and helping us each step of the way. She listened very carefully to what we wanted in a house and used her extensive knowledge and familiarity with the housing market to hone down our search. She spent countless hours previewing houses and speaking with listing agents so we could have lots of background information when we walked through the door. Before we made an offer, she thoroughly reviewed the disclosure packet and made sure we understood every detail. She took the time to get to know me and my family so she could help us choose the house that would best suit our needs.
Her expertise, experience and meticulous attention to detail did not end with the search process. Once we had found our perfect home, we were involved in a multiple offer situation with many potential buyers competing for the house. Although our offer was not the highest in dollar amount, I firmly believe it was the charm, experience and integrity of my realtor that convinced the seller to go with our offer. Of course, not satisfied with helping us successfully purchase our home, she personally arranged for any work that would need to be done before we moved in. She interviewed painters, termite agencies, roof repairmen and floor specialists to make sure we got the best deal - we always got the best deal because everyone loves working with Nisha!
Nisha also helped my brother purchase his first home. It was through his experiences that I knew I could trust no one else with my search. I can honestly say that under her care, buying a home actually became a smooth, worry-free and ultimately enjoyable process. Thank you!!
Karen Shin, M.D.
Represented Seller:

Nisha made the process of selling my house a breeze - she did loads of research on various options, providing valuable insights into the current market realities. As a result, the house sold right away rather than languishing on the market; she helped choose the right buyer from multiple offers, negotiating successfully with the buyers.
Her knowledge of how to prepare the house for sale was critical to success - Nisha knew where to go and what to get and who to hire to get the best value in materials and services.
Now, we're working together to buy the next house.
Nyles Nettleton, Happy Client
Represented Seller:

have worked with many Real Estate Agents over the years but Nisha is special. She works extremely hard for her clients. Her knowledge, professionalism, wonderful personality and expertise seem to always be on display. My experience with Nisha has been great. Thanks Nisha--You come highly recommended!
Don Griffin, Former 49er
Represented Buyer:

Finding the right agent is as important and difficult as buying your first home. After interviewing and trying various agents for a year I had almost given up buying a house. Luckily I met Nisha. Nisha with her excellent knowledge of the neighborhood and great relationships and team she had built over the years, I was finally able to get my dream home in a very short time. Not only did she negotiate the right price and terms on the house, she managed and guided me through the rest of the process till we moved and settled in our new home. She provided a worry free, no pressure, ethical, friendly and easy environment which I believe is very important when you are anxious to buy your first home. Thank you Nisha!!! She is what a Real Realtor should be.
Anil & Jyoti Chaudhary
Represented Buyer:
We ended with a house way beyond our expectations and it is all thanks to Nisha and her hard work and dedication to us, her clients. She never lacked in her efficiency and enthusiasm throughout the whole buying process. Nisha kept us updated regularly and she showed great ability to work with other agents. Thank you Nisha…we love our new home…Nisha comes highly recommended!
Sally & Nyles
Represented Seller:

Nisha, we appreciate your pitching in at the last moment. You have always been mentioned in high regard and it shows in the way you stepped up to close this deal. Good luck on all your future projects. Thank you!
Suresh & Priya
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is one of the most patient and most resourceful people I know. When we were looking for a home in California, I had a picture in my mind. I was also one of the most difficult clients to deal with. I knew exactly what I wanted, had all these conditions and was not going to settle for anything less than exactly what I wanted--the right neighborhood, a fully renovated or new house, no electricity polls nearby, granite countertops, a living, family AND dining room, a two story house, a school with high scores - - - the list goes on.I confess I was looking with at least three other realtors, and I can say that Nisha was calm, patient and very resourceful. She even wrote letters to all the residents in one of the neighborhoods I had narrowed my search to, asking them very politely, if they were thinking about selling. There were homes she showed me that I kind of liked and she could have pressured me. Instead, she always insisted that I take my time, and think it over. She also clearly pointed out any negatives or future work each home may need. She was interested in meeting the needs of me as a client, not just making a sale.
After we did close, Nisha continued to help us and became a friend. She helped us settle in and gave us countless trustworthy, economical and reliable contacts--from our landscaper, plumber, electrician and window contractor to our favorite restaurants, travel agent and children’s dentist. I just have to call her or email her and I know she will have the number of someone trustworthy and reliable. Nisha has also become a family friend and we still meet for lunch and coffee. I highly recommend Nisha as her client and her friend.
Zohra Majid
Represented Buyer:

As first time home buyers we were fairly uncertain and nervous about the entire process, so we were looking for someone who was patient and could answer our million and one questions. Nisha was extremely patient and understanding, taking us through the entire process and answering all our questions till we were comfortable. She was always quick to respond to any emails and phone calls, at any time of the day, so we never felt like we were in unknown territory because she was always there to guide us every step of the way.
We felt like we were part of a team (Nisha, Scott our broker, who was recommended by Nisha, and us), and could never have gotten through the process without the hard work they put in to make sure everything goes through smoothly. We never felt like she was pushing us to make a decision at any point, in fact, she would often point out something that we missed. She was always on top of everything and when we finally found the house we wanted, she worked really hard with everyone involved to make sure that things went as smoothly as possible. Even after the sale was finalized she has been really supportive and a wonderful resource. It feels like she is always there if we ever need help with anything, and comes very highly recommended!
Nikki & Dhruv
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is an excellent agent and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is incredibly responsive, always willing to help, and very knowledgeable of the market. She always puts her clients' needs first and has genuine interest in finding the right home for her clients. I would absolutely recommend Nisha to anyone looking for a real estate agent, both as a seller or buyer.
Petr Jordan
Represented Buyer:

While our overall relocation experience was somewhat challenging, our experience with Nisha could not have been better. Nisha is professional, intelligent, and knowledgeable and was genuinely interested in helping us find a home. Over the course of several months, I interacted with Nisha on many occasions in many different situations. She always acted like a professional, when often times the agent on the other side representing the owner/seller did not. When dealing with difficult people, Nisha always displayed a high level of professionalism and class. Taking a real interest in our quest for a home, it was clear to me that finding us a home was more important to her than any commission she would receive. Nisha is a credit to her profession....It was a pleasure to work with her and we highly recommend her!
Lisa & Tim
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped us buy our first house earlier this year. We were lucky to have met Nisha at an open house and instantly felt comfortable with her. She is very patient and is not at all pushy. Nisha is easy to work with and is very responsive to phone calls, emails and texts. We had a newborn when we were house hunting and did not have the luxury of seeing all the houses ourselves. Nisha previewed houses for us and kept our requirements in mind. Nisha's communication skills stand out - she is very good at establishing a relationship with the seller's agent and staying in touch with them throughout the process. This was evident in one of the houses that we placed an offer on. She kept in touch with the seller's agent through a week+ of negotiations and did her best to get us a deal. She was also very supportive with the remodeling that we undertook and has offered her help in many ways. We have been very happy with Nisha and highly recommend her. We will not hesitate to use her help again.
Represented Seller:

Nisha Sharma is an excellent and extremely successful realtor. If you are looking for knowledge, business savvy, keen listening skills, patience with clients, going above and beyond, then Nisha is the realtor for you. It has been our good fortune and privilege to have known Nisha for some 20 years both professionally and socially. Her kindness and attentiveness to both clients and friends is exemplary - nothing is ever too much trouble!
She will help you to effortlessly sell or buy your dream home. You will always be her top priority and you will forever be happy you chose her as your realtor!
Heather & Wilson
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is great! She helped my family find the perfect home! As a first-time home buyer, we felt very safe and secure throughout the whole process with Nisha. She is patient, insightful, and very easy to talk to and work with from the very beginning.
Represented Buyer:

Working with Nisha was an extremely positive experience for our whole family when we bought our home in Los Altos. She is an expert on all aspects of the process including financing and ensured that we had a very smooth buying process without any issues. She is very patient and not in the least pushy which was very important to us during our long search. To top it off, she also assisted with renting out our previous home. We continue to stay in touch and we highly recommend her to those looking for a hassle-free real estate experience.
Divya & Arvind
Represented Buyer:

Nisha was an invaluable resource while we were buying our house and she guided us along the way with integrity and honesty. We always felt we could trust her judgement. Her focus on our needs and her dedication to finding us the right home were remarkable. She never pushed us or made us feel like there were any time constraints. Even now, over a year after the purchase of our home she has been a wonderful friend and has always been the first person to help us with information and advice when we needed it.
Dhruva Gopal
Represented Seller's:

I have just completed my real estate journey. Nisha asked if I would write a few lines for her website and I do so with great pleasure. I live in a community with many savvy and professional realtors but I was searching for a bit more. I wanted a real honest, unselfish and warm agent to be my partner. Unknown to Nisha, I have never looked at her website. I never felt I had to read anything about Nisha, because she had me at ‘hello’. The selling was easy because we did everything right. This agent is one class-act. On the buying side, Nisha was undaunted by my desire and dream of securing a home in only one particular area of the city. It was a miraculous journey. Nisha’s unselfish humanity and believing in my dreams has secured a brighter future for my family. This real estate transaction may have come to a close but our friendship continues. Nisha is a ‘gem’ among agents and without sounding cliché, a diamond is a girl’s best friend.
Birdie & Jim
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped us with the purchase of our Condo and was absolutely the best Realtor we have used. There were a number of complications which arose include both myself and wife being away during the transaction all of which were handled by Nisha efficiently and without fuss. She kept us informed at every stage and utilized technology to deal with our absence. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a Realtor in the Bay Area.
Ruth & Jeff
Represented Seller:

We highly recommend Nisha to those seeking a hassle-free real estate experience on both the buying and selling side. We have worked with her for over three years. Most recently she handled the sale of our Mountain View property superbly. Her speed and attention to detail ensured a no-stress sale that delighted both parties. Working with Nisha was an extremely positive experience for our whole family when we first bought our home in Los Altos in 2010. She is an expert on all aspects of the process including financing and ensured that we had a very smooth buying process without any issues. She is very patient and not in the least pushy which was very important to us during our long search. To top it off, she also assisted with renting out our previous home. We continue to stay in touch.
Represented Buyer:

Our family was making an international move when we arrived to the Silicon Valley. Working with Nisha provided us not only with a very knowledgable, exemplary professional, and sweetly patient realtor, but also with a compassionate friend sharing with us a wealth of helpful settling-in and relocation information. Nisha helped navigate us through these unfamiliar neighborhoods and towns to find the right home for us. We felt truly cared for and protected by Nisha throughout the entire home-buying process and beyond. She is dear to our family professionally and personally, and we highly recommend Nisha.
Jon & Katie
Represented Buyer:
While much has changed over the course of our house hunting, the only constant was that we’ve been extremely glad and lucky that Nisha Sharma has been our amazing agent and friend – advocating for us, advising us, helping us to not lose faith, and promising us that she would help us find the right home for us – as she did. 
From the time we first met with her, we were impressed with how knowledgeable and nice she was, as well as her ability to connect with people, to truly listen and to respect people's preferences. And Nisha has been the only agent we’ve talked with ever since.
We are well aware how many real estate agents can be – make a good sale fast or move on. That really would not have worked well for us at all given our budget, need for a great home for our family, and general approach. Unlike other agents we have heard about, Nisha was extremely patient, for her it really seem to be about getting us a good house, in a good location for our family, with good schools for our kids, and in within a budget that we could afford. This often seemed like Mission Impossible for us – and perhaps without Nisha it would have been. Countless weekends, nights, days, did Nisha spend showing us houses, working with us on offers, and presenting them. Auntie Nisha was also always a big hit with our two young children! 
The extent of Nisha’s help and support during closing period was nothing short of amazing. She was always there to help us cross hurdle after hurdle with inspections, loans, reports, closing – all which would not have been possible without Nisha’s tireless, selfless, boundless, and incomprehensible efforts, encouragement, patience, persistence, tenacity, and support. 
While words often do not come short for us, in this case, we really cannot write enough good things about Nisha, and the help she has provided us to do the experience justice. Nisha’s constant radar found us our dream home and helped us land it within our fixed budget. From there Nisha tirelessly helped us coordinate inspections, loan documents, reports etc. (even at one point offering to take care of our kids if needed!) When our lender started to fall short on the timelines they had committed to, Nisha kept helping us push it along, providing constant support, monitoring, facilitation, and an endless supply of moral support for us when we had a constant fear that we would lose this perfect house due to the bank’s inability to allow us to meet our closing commitment. We must have had a hundred email exchanges on average with her per day – always prompt response by phone, text, email to help us keep things on track. We always felt that we were her top priority and are incredibly grateful to her for that, she has a talent to make people feel as her most especial customers. In the end our close was 2 days longer than committed (due to the lender, definitely not due to her), but she worked it through with the seller and seller’s agent as soon as she knew there might be a problem, and kept us in contract that whole time.
We will be forever grateful to Nisha for all that she has done to help us purchase our dream house that we are very much looking forward to making our home. Nisha truly understands that she is not just selling houses and closing deals but transforming people's lives by supporting them in one of the most important and monetarily significant decisions of their lives, she knows that she is making people's lifetime dreams come true and that is why we not only have the utmost professional respect and admiration for her but also the highest esteem as a great and compassionate human being. We cannot thank or recommend her highly enough. 
Isabel & Jeff
Represented Buyer:

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nisha Sharma this year to sell our first home and buy our second home. There are many reasons we LOVE are just a few:
Knowledgeable: Nisha knows her stuff! She knew our desired neighborhoods inside & out, including information on school districts which proved to be very useful!
Responsive: Nisha is the most responsive professional with whom I've worked. She always answers her phone, uses text messages when necessary, and answers emails within MINUTES.
Personable: Nisha is kind & likable, and I now see her as a family friend, not just our Realtor.
Patient: Nisha was sure to spend as much, or as little time with us as needed! She always made sure to answer our questions thoroughly, and even raised questions we hadn't even thought of yet.
Results-Oriented: In less than 1 week on the market, we received multiple offers on our home & ended up accepting an offer that was 5% higher than our list price. On the buy-side, Nisha insisted on presented our offer in-person, securing our new home for us in a multiple-offer situation (despite not being the highest bidder initially).
I enthusiastically recommend Nisha to anyone who's looking to buy or sell a home!
Stacy Greenwood, Program Manager at Google
Represented Buyer:

As a first-time home owner and young adult, my priority was to build a relationship with someone I could trust. With Nisha, I became her friend, not only her client.
I spent 6 months trying to find a realtor I was willing to trust and who was able to understand what I wanted and needed in a house. I found Nisha through some friends and upon introduction, Nisha began to understand my lifestyle, my future plans, and my goals. By taking the time and effort to get to know me, she helped me search for a home instead of a house. This relationship has been an invaluable investment. It's been a year since I've purchased my home, and Nisha and I occasionally get coffee to catch up.
There is already so much uncertainty and stress that can come with purchasing a home, but having Nisha on my side meant that the pressures of not "asking the right questions" and making a big-decision by myself were alleviated. I became more educated with real estate climates and jargon, and I never felt the stress to compromise what I wanted in a house. Nisha was very patient with me and my expectations, and worked diligently to understand what kind of house and neighborhood would suit my life. She has the clairvoyance and authority to be a top-ranking realtor, and anybody would be lucky to have Nisha by their side.
Represented Seller:

Thank you so much for your diligent and professional work; we feel that your process and experience helped ensure that we were in a very good position, that the house was well marketed, and that we got the best overall deal possible. So that's about as good as it can get, thank you!
Jane and Toby
Represented Buyer:

You have been wonderful to work with. And I do not want this relationship to end here just because we are done with purchase.
Represented Buyer:

We were very lucky to get connected with Nisha when we purchased our house in Menlo Park. She was extremely helpful, always there when we had a question, very diligent in preparing and reviewing all the documents with us, and getting all the information and services we needed to get started in the house. For example, when we asked about having the carpet deep cleaned which was not part of the standard house cleaning, she just made it happen. During the offer process, her advice was invaluable - being in a situation of multiple offers, she helped us figure out our best options for the offer. She is definitely on our list of people to recommend and to work with again!
Olivier and Joan
Represented Buye:
Nisha is fantastic. We have been working with Nisha for 2.5 years. It started with help getting us into a rental and continued last month when we closed on a home Nisha found for us. She has been an excellent resource. She negotiated a great deal, found our mortgage broker, dealt with home inspection and termite work. Afterward she has continued to help with finding painters and places to buy furniture. She is extremely honest and is always available. Highly recommended
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped us find the perfect house for our family to bloom. She listens carefully to all our requests, she offers her professional advice and took us under her wings to make the best deal. Her work didn't finish after the deal was done she continues helping us all through the steps on being a new home owner.
She is knowledgable, kind, honest, a great listener and will go the extra mile to make the entire process as smooth as possible. She is simply the best.
Represented Seller and Buyer:

We are so glad to have found Nisha on Yelp. She is a delightful person who goes the extra mile to make the house hunting process easier for her clients. She absolutely made us at ease and established the camaraderie from day one. We now see in her a very good friend and a guide whom we can trust.
She is very knowledgeable about the housing market. She has the knack of understanding the requirements and would provide her honest feedback & input on several topics revolving around the house. Nisha would preview the houses for us, as with a toddler we didn't have the option of visiting every single open houses all the time. She is very patient and a great listener. She has the charm of working effectively with various agents and brings out the best of the deal for you. We highly recommend Nisha!
Aparna and Prashant
Represented Buyer:

Nisha is a fantastic agent. She is warm, caring, and passionate about her work. She will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are happy. Nisha helped my husband and I buy our first home in Redwood Shores. We had been looking for a place for a while and, thanks to Nisha, we were able to find the perfect house. She was always there when we needed her, regardless of the time or place. If you want an agent that will go the extra mile, I highly recommend Nisha. On top of being extremely skilled at what she does, she is just a genuinely sweet and compassionate person.
Shivan & Charith
Represented Buyer:

People often told us buying our first home would be painful. Fortunately for us, it was one of the easiest things we ever did. And the reason for that was - Nisha! We went looking for a realtor that would help us in buying a house, but we ended up with a lifelong family friend that is even helping us till date (months after we closed the house).
We like most first time home buyers, had no idea of what we wanted or what the process of home buying was. Nisha not only walked us through each and every step (multiple times), she still continues to guide us and answer our basic queries. Even though it took us some time to find the right home (given our selective taste), she was always patient with us throughout the process and never forced us into buying something that was not right for us. She in fact, deterred us from buying the wrong house during times when we felt we would never find the right home for us. Even after we bought the house, Nisha went above and beyond by tapping into her vast network to offer free interior design recommendations and contacts to professional contractors (for the needs in and had around the house).
Her honesty and integrity have made us a huge fan of hers and we would strongly recommend everyone to truly experience what home buying should be. We know that whenever we call or message her, Nisha will always be there to go out of her way to take care of our needs. In the ‘Age of the Customer’, Nisha truly puts the customers’ needs first!!
Represented Buyer:

We recently purchased a home in Redwood Shores and this is our second transaction where Nisha helped us. First was our sell in Fremont and now this purchase which went into Multiple offer situation and without Nisha we would have never got this house. Her knowledge of the real estate market, hard work and dedication got us this house. If you are looking for a agent call Nisha. She will put you in your dream home just like we are going to be next week when we move.
Jackie and Haresh
Represented Buyer
Nisha has worked with us for almost a year as we looked to purchase a home in this very hot property market. She has been a great resource to have throughout the entire process - from what to look for in the neighborhoods we were interested in to what was reasonable to offer for the properties. 
Nisha patiently took us through the entire house buying process starting with a strategy that matched our needs geographically and budget wise. She met with us on several occasions, jointly visited targeted homes, and always provided level headed support, advice, and recommendations. In today's hot Bay Area market, she helped through the disappointment of multiple-offers but eventually we landed a home that met our full needs. She made the complete process appear to be seamless, transparent, and without road bumps. 
Nisha was extremely prompt with responding to our questions (via text, email, phone, no matter what time of the day or night it was) and was on top of scheduling viewings as soon as possible. But what sets her apart is that you always feel that she has your best interests at heart. She never once pushed a home she believed was overpriced or did not meet our basic criteria and on more that one occasion advised against putting in offers to overpriced or properties that did not meet our requirements. With the low inventory we were getting frustrated and Nisha kept us focused to the end game.
When submitting offers, Nisha personally put a packet together with photos, videos and any supported documentation highlighting why we would be the right buyers and presents this packet personally to the buyers, demonstrating one of the many ways her professionalism stands out. We can truly say that this packet was instrumental in closing the deal. 
Throughout the whole process, Nisha was there every step of the way. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethics are much respected and appreciated. We never felt that she was just trying to sell us a house, but that she was a mentor to help us to make the best decision us. 
Nisha also continues to provide after sales support even months after the closure.
We recommend Nisha as she goes beyond the call of duty to provide the ultimate buying experience , which is a rarity in this hot market.
We now consider Nisha a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent to represent them in buying or selling their home. 
Manisha and Jit
Represented Buyer:

Nisha helped me and my wife purchased our first house. It is a great experience working with her. We like her because of the following reasons:
1. Nisha is very responsive in emails. This makes communication efficient.
2. Nisha is valuable in the multiple offer competing situation. She did not simply ask us to bid higher. There were multiple offers competing for the house. Nisha did a great job updating the situation, analyzing and writing appealing offer. But she leaves the final price decision to us.
3. Nisha is very helpful even after we got the home. She helped us with the termite work, electrical fix and appraisal (we did a cash out refinance after purchase). This is first time we own a home so it is extremely helpful.
Represented Buyer:

Nisha was professional, with a very friendly, approachable manner. We were so pleased with the way she always returned our calls and texts promptly, and was available as required. She led us through the house-buying process - making sure we were prepared for each stage, and followed through even after the purchase. Her enthusiastic, accommodating approach was wonderful. The purchase went through in 16 days due to her excellent communication and contacts. 
Amanda & Alistair
Represented Seller and Buyer:

My wife and I used Nisha as our Realtor for both buying and selling a house. She was excellent in all phases of both. She will go the extra mile and always had the answers to any questions we had. She also knows the area extremely well.
I recommend, and have done many times, Nisha to anyone who is looking for a top notch, efficient, hard working and honest person to represent them.
Jeffrey Morgan
Represented Buyer:

Thanks a lot for all your help and support for getting us this house. We are enjoying our new home.
Represented Buyer:

Nisha did an excellent job in finding our new home, she helped smoothened the overall bidding and deal closing process. We are very happy with her services, she was meticulous about each process. She regularly updated us about do and donts even after we moved to new house. We would definitely recommend her services.
Jayesh Shah
Represented Seller and Buyer:

Nisha helped us buy and sell our first home and now we are back with her to help us buy the next one. She has been a wonderful agent, really on top of everything and she works hard to get a sense of you as her clients. She never tries to push her own agenda, but rather help you find what you are looking for. 
She takes the time to explain every detail of the process and doesn’t get tired of repeating information – with the mountain of paperwork that needs to be done it was great to have someone that you know will look after your best interest. She is always available by phone or email and makes sure that your offer has the best chance of being selected. That often meant late nights & multiple revisions, but she always gets it done on time. 
She is also an excellent resource for service providers of any nature both during the process of getting the house ready for sale and years after as well. Anytime we needed anything she was always happy to help us find the right person for the job. 
Buying and selling a home can be very stressful and we are glad that we found someone that can help us through that process. Nisha has been more than just a realtor she has become a good friend as well and we have no hesitation in strongly recommending her.
Represented Buyer:

Nisha was so helpful, informative and professional. As it was our first time buying a house in the US she led us meticulously through the process, putting us in touch with all the people we needed, to help us buy a house in Cupertino.
She found us the perfect house, and closed the deal in 8 days! After the purchase she continued to help us; sorting out any details, and recommending people to work on modifications we wanted. 
Nisha was great to work with, and we highly recommend her.
Mrs. Hockley
Represented Buyer:

Nisha was very dedicated to us during our house-hunting process. She was always available either to show us houses or answer questions on the phone, over email and even in person. When we first met Nisha, she said that she would do everything it takes to find us what we’re looking for, even if it meant going door knocking in the neighborhood we were interested it, and we were surprised that she actually did it!!! We were impressed by her dedication and optimism, even in a difficult buyers market. Eventually, and with Nisha's help, we were lucky to find what we were looking for, and Nisha was with us every step of the way to closing. For first time home buyers, she helped to make this process as stress free and easy to follow as possible. We already recommended Nisha to our friends and recommend her highly to anyone who is in the market and looking for a true partner to work with.
Danielle and Isaac
Represented Buyer:

If you have ever wanted to be in your dream home, call Nisha Sharma. I have personally utilized her services for one purchase and one sell and the her knowledge of real estate market is by far the best . She is knowledgeable, caring and thourogh when it comes to buying or selling a home. She helped us with selling our house , took care of all the contractors (painting, electrician, staging everything) also when I purchased my home with multiple offers it was her tenacity that got us our house. I would utilize her service over and over if need be, I highly recommend her.